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High Precision

Our printers are amongst the best on the market for resolution and precision.

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Wide range of materials

We work with a wide range of materials, including materials studied and certified for specific segment (e.g. medical, industrial, etc.)

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Continuous support

Not only printers, we offer you 360° support, from the materials choice up to the production processes analysis, including the choice of the design tools more fit to your project

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Powerful and easy software

We work side by side with the main software houses as well as the open source communities to provide our customers with the best software tools out there.

Custom services and materials advising

Why 3D printing?

What we do and why
3D Printing is the first step towards the future

"Thanks to the broader variety of 3D printers and materials that can be used, and also to lower prices, 3D printing is becoming more sophisticated and devoted to newer uses. In addition, existing use cases are increasing their market share.For example: dental printing is growing rapidly with the prospect of reaching one of the highest market shares in the near future (around 15% in 2020), as well as 3D printing for medical implants and devices (nearly 13% in 2020). Moreover, the 3D revolution is discovering new market niches, and new uses will arise in the future."

Our team

Simone Caméra

Co-Founder and CEO

Daniele Roncadori

R&D – Technical Lead Engineer

Stefano Faustini

Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor

Francesco Francesconi

Co-Founder and Technical advisor

Leonardo Osimani

Co-Founder and Business Development

Alberto Maccarinelli

Chemist/Materials Advisor

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