3D Evolve F1W

Tough printers for a tough industrial world.
All our printers are 100% designed and assembled in Italy with no compromises regarding to quality. Some examples? their bodies are made with aluminum alloy 1.3 cm thick, no belts but only industrial grade ball bearing screws for the three axis. Thanks to E3D high temperature components, our printers can use every kind of polymers, even the most challenging ones.

With every printer there’s also two days with our technicians for installation, and setup to the customer’s needs, including advice on designs, materials and printing proofs.

Printing materials are costantly evolving and we are committed to keeping all our customers up to date.
We have a partnership with Filoalfa, one of Italy’s leading companies in filament making.
We can therefore supply you with the highest quality filaments (see our products page for more information) to best suit every project. We can provide custom materials too, even in small batches. 
Every one of our printers is however compatible with every 1.75 mm FDM filament available on the market.

Our FxW platform is fully scalable. If you need a printer with custom volumes, it can be realized quickly with no need to further engineering and the same reliability and building quality of the standard ones.

Our long experience in automation and 3D printing makes it possible for us to answer every demand. We can provide training courses, model and material studies, setup for new devices and adjustment or upgrading of existing ones.